Руководство по ремонту и инструкция по эксплуатации автомобиля Toyota Rav4. Модели с 1994 по 2006 год выпуска, оборудованные бензиновыми и дизельными двигателями

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Living with your Toyota Rav4
Roadside repairs
Weekly checks
Lubricants and fluids
Routine maintenance and servicing
Repairs and overhaul
Engine and associated systems
Brakes and suspension
Body equipment

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Every 10 000 miles - petrol models

Disc brakes

  • There are two pads - an outer and an inner - in each caliper. The inner pads are visible through small inspection holes in each caliper (see illustration). The outer pads are more easily viewed a the edge of the caliper.
  • Check the pad thickness by looking at each end of the caliper and through the inspection hole in the caliper body. If the lining material is less than the thickness listed in this Chapter’s Specifications, renew the pads.

Note: Keep in mind that the lining material is riveted or bonded to a metal backing plate and the metal portion is not included in this measurement.

  • If it is difficult to determine the exact thickness of the remaining pad material by the above method, or if you are at all concerned about the condition of the pads, remove the caliper(s), then remove the pads for further inspection (see Chapter 9).
  • Once the pads are removed from the calipers, clean them with brake cleaner and remeasure them.

Inspection hole caliper Toyota Rav4 1994g Haynes

You will find an inspection hole like this in each caliper through which you can view the thickness of remaining friction material for the inner pad

  • Measure the disc thickness with a micrometer to make sure that it still has service life remaining. If any disc is thinner than the specified minimum thickness, renew it (refer to Chapter 9). Even if the disc has service life remaining, check its condition. Look for scoring, gouging and burned spots. If these conditions exist, remove the disc and have it resurfaced (see Chapter 9).
  • Before refitting the wheels, check all brake lines and hoses for damage, wear, deformation, cracks, corrosion, leakage, bends and twists, particularly in the vicinity of the rubber hoses at the calipers.
  • Check the clamps for tightness and the connections for leakage. Make sure that all hoses and lines are clear of sharp edges, moving parts and the exhaust system. If any of the above conditions are noted, repair, reroute or renew the lines and/or fittings as necessary (see Chapter 9).

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