Руководство по ремонту и инструкция по эксплуатации автомобиля Toyota Yaris. Модели с 1999 по 2005 год выпуска, оборудованные бензиновыми двигателями

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Living with your Toyota Yaris
Roadside repairs
Weekly checks
Lubricants and fluids
Tyre pressures
Routine maintenance and servicing
Repairs and overhaul
Engine and associated systems
Brakes and suspension
Body equipment
Wiring diagrams

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Weekly checks


Caution: Before carrying out any work on the battery, read the precautions given in ‘Safety first!’ at the start of this manual.

  • Make sure that the battery tray is in good condition, and that the clamp is tight. Corrosion on the tray, retaining clamp and the battery itself can be removed with a solution of water and baking soda. Thoroughly rinse all cleaned areas with water. Any metal parts damaged by corrosion should be covered with a zinc-based primer, then painted.
  • Periodically (approximately every three months), check the charge condition of the battery as described in Chapter 5A.
  • If the original Toyota battery has been replaced with a maintenance-free type, ignore the advice about topping-up the water (this will usually be impossible in any case, with such a battery).
  • If the battery is flat, and you need to jump start your car, see Roadside repairs.

Battery location Toyota Yaris 1999 Haynes

  • The battery is located on the passenger side of the engine compartment. The exterior of the battery should be inspected periodically for damage such as a cracked case or cover.

Battery cable clamps Toyota Yaris 1999 Haynes

  • Check the tightness of the battery cable clamps to ensure good electrical connections. You should not be able to move them. Also check each cable for cracks and frayed conductors. If corrosion (white, fluffy deposits) is evident, remove the cables from the battery terminals, clean them with a small wire brush, then refit them.

Water level in battery Toyota Yaris 1999 Haynes

  • The original Toyota battery is unusual nowadays in that it requires periodic water level checking and topping-up. The water level in each of the six cells can be seen through the translucent side of the battery, which also has upper and lower level markings. If topping-up is required, use a coin to unscrew the cell caps.

Water in battery Toyota Yaris 1999 Haynes

  • Add distilled water a little at a time until the level reaches the upper marking on the side of the battery. Remember at all times that there’s powerful acid in the battery - wipe up any spills and wash your hands afterwards (wearing gloves is a wise precaution). Refit the cell caps securely on completion.

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